About me

Why Purple Learning?

The colour purple is associated with balance, enlightenment, creativity and wisdom. It is said purple has calming and mystical properties. This may well be the reason why I have chosen purple or it may be because it is simply my favourite colour!

I’m a Learning Consultant for eLearning, Blended Learning and Training currently working for The Training Foundation based in Coventry, in the UK. I have a passion for helping people learn to learn. My mission is to help transform dull learning solutions into engaging, learner-centred experiences. My blog posts are personal reflections on what’s happening in the world of learning, learning technologies and social media and are not necessarily the opinions of my employer.

Having started my training delivery journey as a classroom trainer, working now with The Training Foundation, it was interesting to find that, with a little adaptation and dedication, my skills were easily transferred into an online environment. This includes running live online events or creating engaging, task driven e-learning and using new technologies to creatively enhance any learning programme. Now I love to spread the word and work with others to do the same.

My passion is encouraging the design of rich, effective learning experiences through appropriate use of technology whether formally or informally.

I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire with two West Highland Terriers and my husband (yes, I know I put the dogs first but Dean knows his place). It’s a lovely part of the country just on the Welsh border and although I’ve moved away several times in the past I’ve always found myself back here. Fortunately, when I’m not delivering face to face workshops I can enjoy the comfort of my own home for my online work.